📖 The Bible says, “Let all creation rejoice before the Lord, for he comes, he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in his faithfulness.” (Psalms 96:13). Now, this biblical prophecies fulfilled. The Lord has returned already, and He is doing judgment work toward the entire universe. 👀Watch and 👂 listen to the christian hymns to learn details.

Verse 1

To the universe comes righteous judgment.

All men grow faint-hearted and fearful,

because the world in which all mankind dwell

is a world where righteousness is unknown.

Pre-chorus 1

And when…

It is prophesied in the Bible that the Lord will make 144,000 overcomers in the last days. Do you hope to become one of the overcomers❓ This Christian skit will give you some inspiration.

Xu Huilin and her husband Zhiyong are leaders with The Church of Almighty God. They flee their hometown after learning the Chinese government is in pursuit of them because of their beliefs. Their only child Lingling goes to live with her grandmother, and they come to depend on each other. Xu Huilin secretly returns home on New Year’s Eve to be with her family, but…

Do you want to know God❓ Read the words the Holy Spirit says to the churches and you will understand the truth and gain new knowledge of God’s work so that you will experience growth in your spiritual life. Do you want to get the truth the Lord has given to us in the last days❓ You may to download The Word Appears in the Flesh for free read it. Next, please read this passage of God’s words with me to get to know God.👇

The Word Appears in the Flesh book

How does one come to understand the details of spirit? How does the Holy Spirit…

Several days ago, I asked a theology professor about how to repent in order to gain the Lord’s approval. He recommended an Testimony Video to me 🎬. I found it very insightful. I’d like to share it with you all.

The main character is a doctor from a small village. When she first starts practicing medicine, she holds fast to the principles of kindness and professionalism, and dutifully runs her practice. However, she later discovers her peers’ habit of overtreating patients in order to sell them more expensive medicines, which helps them to earn far more money than her…

Some people read Almighty God’s words and see that there are some harsh things that are judgment of mankind, and condemnation and curse. They think that if God judges and curses people, won’t they be condemned and punished? How can it be said that this kind of judgment is to purify and save mankind? What is the proper way to understand God’s work of judgment in the last days? Find out the answers in this video.

Do you want to get rid of the bondage of sin? Do you want to attain complete salvation from God? How to attain…

Penetrate Rumors and Welcome the Return of the Lord.

Now many people are testifying that the Lord has returned and He is the incarnate Almighty God. Hearing this news, I hurried to search on the internet. There are lots of nice videos in The Church of Almighty God, such as readings of God’s words, hymn MVs, Variety shows, testimonies of experience, and gospel movies, etc 🎬. Through watching videos, I understood lots of mysteries of the Bible which I didn’t understand before. Obviously, this is out of the Holy Spirit.

However, when I saw some negative rumors, I burst into…

You only know the Lord will second coming in the last days, but do you know what work the Lord will do in the last days? And do you know what value and meaning of God’s work are for us? 🎧 Please listen to the latest words of God for answers.

To know God’s work in these times is, for the most part, to know God incarnate of the last days, what His principal ministry is, and what He has come to do on earth. I have previously mentioned in My words that God has come to earth (during…

Good news❗️ God has returned with glory. Have you welcomed Him❓ 🎬 A 6 min or less video will help you to welcome God is coming❗️

Almighty God! In glory He appears.

The holy spirit body, the complete God Himself!

The world is changed, and so too is the flesh.

Transfigured on the mount, He is the person of God.

His clothing pure and white, a crown upon His head,

the world under His feet, and a gold sash around His chest.

His eyes like flames of fire, a sharp sword in His mouth.

And in His right hand…

📖 Revelation in the Bible prophesies that the 144,000 overcomers will arise. Who are the 144000 in the Bible❓ Do you want to become one of them❓👀 Read this Articles “Rising Up From Dark Oppression” and you will find the way to become an overcomer.👇

Rising Up From Dark Oppression

By Mo Zhijian, Guangdong Province

I was born in a poor, remote mountain area where we have burned incense and worshiped Buddha for many generations. There are Buddhist temples all over the land where all the families would go to burn incense; no one had ever believed in God. In 1995, my wife and I…

🎵 Each time when I listened to this church hymns 🎶, I felt moved and a little sad 😢. The lyrics have really touched my heart ❤️. God laments and grieves at the fall of us humans. At the same time, He is waiting for us to truly repent. 👬Friends👭, I’d like to share this touching hymn with you 🎹. Don’t miss it.

In the vast expanse of the world, countless changes have occurred,

oceans silting into fields, fields flooding into oceans, over and over.

Except for He who rules over all things in the universe,

no one is…

Wendy Sue

May all people cherish God’s word and come seeking to know God. May those preordained by God return into His presence.

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