God’s Daily Word | “Be Mindful of God’s Will in Order to Attain Perfection” | Excerpt 543

God’s Daily Word | “Be Mindful of God’s Will in Order to Attain Perfection” | Excerpt 543

Once you have attained results from eating and drinking God’s words, once your spiritual life has become normal, and once you are able to eat and drink God’s words as normal, pray as normal, carry on your church life as normal, regardless of the trials that you should face, or the circumstances that you should encounter, or the sickness of the flesh that you should endure, or the estrangement of the brothers and sisters, or difficulties in your family, if you can reach this point, then it shows that you are now on the right track. Some people are too fragile, they do not have perseverance. They whimper when facing some small obstacles, they become weak. The pursuit of truth demands perseverance and determination. If you are unable to fulfill God’s will this time, you must be able to loathe yourself, to be quietly determined in your heart that you shall fulfill God’s will the next time around. While you are unable to be mindful of God’s burden this time, you shall be determined to rebel against the flesh when facing the same obstacle in the future, you shall resolve to fulfill God’s will. This is how you become praiseworthy. Some people do not even know if their own thoughts and ideas are right, and such people are confused. If you would like to subdue your heart and rebel against the flesh, you must first know whether your intentions are good, which then allows you to subdue your heart. If you do not even know whether your intentions are good, could you subdue your heart, could you rebel against the flesh? Even if you are able to rebel, you are doing so in a confused manner. You should know that to rebel against your mistaken intentions is to rebel against the flesh. When you know that your intentions, your thoughts and ideas are mistaken, you should turn back immediately and walk the right path. You must first overcome this area and enter through such practices, because you know best whether your intentions are mistaken or not. When the mistaken intentions can be corrected, once they are for the sake of God, then you have attained the goal of subduing your heart.

The key for you now is to have knowledge of God, to have knowledge of God’s work. You must know how the Holy Spirit performs His work on man, this is the key for entering into the right track. It shall be easy for you to enter into the right track once you have grasped this key. You believe in God and know God, which shows that your belief in God is genuine. If you continue to experience until the end yet are still unable to know God, then you are surely someone who resists God. Those who only believe in Jesus Christ and do not believe in the incarnate God of today shall all be convicted, they are all contemporary Pharisees, because they do not recognize the God of today, they all resist God. No matter how devoted is their belief in Jesus, it shall all be in vain; they shall not receive God’s praise. All those who say that they believe in God, yet have no true knowledge of God in their hearts, are hypocrites.

Excerpted from “Be Mindful of God’s Will in Order to Attain Perfection”

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May all people cherish God’s word and come seeking to know God. May those preordained by God return into His presence.