Morning Worship Songs of 2019 — English Christian Songs With Lyrics

Morning Worship Songs of 2019 — English Christian Songs With Lyrics

[00:04:00] God Hopes That Man Can Be Sincere Toward His Words

[00:08:50] Almighty God’s Word Accomplishes Everything

[00:14:04] None Can Depart From God’s Word

[00:18:50] He Is the Truth, the Way and the Life

[00:25:16] You Should Know God Through His Work

[00:29:43] All Things Are in God’s Hand

[00:33:58] Knowing Him Is God’s Final Requirement of Mankind

[00:38:55] God Rewards Twice Over Those Who Cooperate With Him

[00:42:27] All Under the Creator’s Authority Is Utterly Perfect

[00:46:59] The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare

[00:50:23] No Man Can Do God’s Work in His Stead

[00:54:52] God’s Essence Is Holy

[00:59:48] God Takes Great Pains to Save Man

[01:05:14] God’s Two Incarnations Are for Man’s Salvation

[01:09:14] God Uses Words to Conquer the Entire Universe in the Last Days

[01:12:58] Only God Has the Way of Life

[01:17:33] God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth

[01:23:22] Today’s Truth Is Given to Those Who Yearn and Seek It

[01:28:36] God’s Tabernacle Has Come Unto the World

[01:33:51] How to Live Out an Obedient Life

[01:37:36] All Things Are a Manifestation of the Creator’s Authority

[01:43:25] The Creator’s Authority and Identity Coexist

[01:48:45] All Mysteries Have Been Unveiled

[01:53:11] No One Can Supersede God’s Authority

[01:57:53] The Substance of Christ Is God

[02:02:20] God Incarnate of the Last Days Mainly Does the Work of Words

[02:07:08] This Is the Likeness of a Real Person

[02:11:29] God Has Predestined the Paths Man Must Walk

[02:16:50] The Significance of God’s Name

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May all people cherish God’s word and come seeking to know God. May those preordained by God return into His presence.